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After listening to this band’s recent EP Individuation I was left pondering the notion that liking this band might just qualify me as a hipster, but I have neither a trust fund or a Tumblr account so I believe I am in the clear. The experimental trio formed in Iowa back in 2010 and has released two EP’s to date, Invariable and Individuation.

Progressive and sludgy with hints of ambiance, Individuation is a treat for both math rock geeks and more adventurous music enthusiasts, personifying experimental post-metal excellence. The success of post-metal bands like ISIS or Forest of Stars ensures the genre is here to stay and Blizzard at Sea are riding the coattails of this obscure genre. While the harsh vocals were a bit weak, at times sounding a bit “core” or nu metal, I was quite impressed with the clean vocals on the 2011 EP Invariable, as well as the masterfully timed progressive changeups that define the sound of the band.

Evoking images of wormholes and vortexes with lyrical themes touching on topics like Fringe Science and Metaphysics, Blizzard at Sea is sure to appeal to a more intelligent audience. Overall the band is solid and (despite being a bit of an ISIS rip-off) will most likely enjoy a promising career but I will let you listen for yourself. I welcome you to enjoy the first track off Individuation, Accelerating Returns. Happy Listening. Hails!